Rue des pecheries

In 2003, a group of musicians came together in the garage of a communitarian house located 114 Rue des Pêcheries in Auderghem, Brussels, where they installed their musical laboratory: Rue Des Pêcheries was born. Their creativity quickly showed and they reached their first goal by winning the people's choice award at the 2004 “Biennale de la chanson française”. Step by step, the repertoire grew, the concerts followed one after another, the team got stronger and evolved on many different scenes (chanson, funk, hip-hop, electro, jazz,...), earning the consideration of these movement's actors thanks to the impact of their hybrid compositions. Then, after five years of enjoyable work, the band materialized their work on an eponymous and self-produced album, recorded and released in 2008. RDP's sound comes from the combination of a sharp rhythmic section, vintage keyboards and an ass-kickin' brass section. The band joins their forces in a shifting project that is finding its roots in the musical vocabulary acquired by these eight musicians all along their respective artistic experiences. Inside RDP's universe you will find a large part of Afro-American tradition (from Jazz to Hip-Hop) from which they get the improvised and sequential aspect. This cinematic form aims to create an atmosphere used to illustrate lyrics describing and trying to make a damn sense out of this generation's every day life.

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