Robotnik (IRL)

In these days of endless band reformations, avalanches of reissues and shamelessly repetitious 'creativity', too many artists are willing to sign away their soul for a little extra time on the career clock. Too many of them see artistic expression not as an end in itself, but as a shortcut to celebrity and are obsessed with their destination, rather than engaged by the journey. Too few of them, frankly, are like Robotnik.
Robotnik is Chris Morrin, Sometimes Chris is joined on the stage by Martin Osborne, a prolific live engineer who makes the live show really come alive.
Robotnik has been extremely busy with the release of his critically acclaimed debut album 'Pleasant Sqaure' in 2008. In 2010 he has been excersising his Devo-esque performances across Europe alongside the likes of Mercury Rev and Crystal Castles whilst enjoying regular airplay on MTV.
Influence: Brian Eno, David Lynch, David Holmes, Boards of Canada, Phillip Glass, Radiohead, Underworld, Robert Fripp, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Beck, Lou Reed, The Beatles, David Bowie, Morrissey, Talking Heads, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Mam & Dad, Daniel Johnston, Neil Young, Joe Strummer, Depeche Mode, Devo.

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